Fruits from our garden

Mirabelle fruit

We’re both foodies so we’ve taken advantage of the long summers here in Poitou-Charente by planting a few fruit trees, nurturing our vines and growing what we can.

Summer 2016 has been particularly warm (some might say hot) and dry. Perfect for holidays and swimming in the pool and seemingly perfect for our fruit trees too.

Our pear tree has decided that this is the year to fruit and fruit it has in abundance. Plums and mirabelles have done particularly well too. We’re thinking of using the mirabelles to make an alternative mango chutney.

The grapes are nice and sweet and make a tasty treat on the short walk to the pool but we’ll probably leave the rest for the birds, the same for the elderflowers.

Tomatoes are a staple and have been easy to grow. We may make some chutney with some of the many varieties of chillies that a friend grows nearby.

And this year we’ve bought our first orange tree which has little fruits at the moment. A friend nearby has no problem growing lemons so although I’ll be bringing the tree in this year next year it can fend for itself. Pass the marmalade did I hear you say!

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