Tour Auto Optic 2000 comes through Charroux

Classic car holiday in France

This annual historic race car rally came through the nearby town of Charroux on its way to the Circuit de Val de Vienne, as part of the course from Paris to Biarritz. These are proper race prepared cars taking part in an actual road race, although it’s hard to understand how this takes place on public roads!

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10% discount holidays for Citroen Car Club members

Encouraged by visits from other Citroen Car Club members in past summers we have decided to extend an offer to members.

The offer will not only apply to the holiday cottage rental but also to the cost of hire of either of the two Citroen DS cars that we have available.

So if you don’t wish to bring your own classic car, leave it at home, fly in and you’ll have a classic Citroen DS waiting for you here at Gites in Charente.

Contact us for more details and have your club membership number to hand.

Citroen DS hire as a surprise birthday treat

We’re delighted to welcome visitors from Malta who are staying in La Grange and renting our Black Citroen DS23ie.

Our guests have taken advantage of our “midweek stay” offer that includes collection which on this occasion was from Poitiers SNCF station.

This was a complete surprise for the husband to celebrate his 50th birthday and ingeniously kept secret by his wife until their arrival. After a brief introduction to the car they took off for their first drive. It’s always such a delight to be able to offer this unique driving experience and to make such occasions so special.

Fruit and vegetables from Lezay market

Having bought some fresh fish at Lezay market for a BBQ with some visiting friends we needed some fruit and veg. For our friends it made a pleasant change from their usual supermarket experience back in England.

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Classic Car Touring in Poitou-Charentes

We’ve had a fine spring and summer of classic car enthusiasts staying with us and making the most of the open and empty roads in our classic cars and theirs.

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