Two Generations of Citroën DS Fans

Mum, dad, son and daughter-in-law hire the DS23ie

My Black Citroen DS23 with BRG Jaguar MK2 on hire
Two of the finest cars of the period

Rich and his wife had booked to stay over the Circuit des Remparts weekend along with his parents. All of them are classic car and bike enthusiasts and so we spent a most enjoyable day driving around the Charente countryside, swapping passengers so everybody had a ride in each car.

Jaguar MK2 leading Citroën DS23ie on hire in Poitou-Charentes
Stopped to take the air and chat about the drive

We were so pleased to receive an email from Rich after getting back to England saying how much his dad had enjoyed the drive out and what a memorable stay they had. Very charming and well appreciated – thanks!

Angoulême Circuit des Remparts 2021

CitroenDS rally car at Angouleme Circuit des Remparts

A weekend of classic cars, classic bikes and a return to the calendar of historic car events after the hiatus of Covid.

Once again Angoulême was bustling with people and buzzing with anticipation and enthusiasm. Under sunny blue skies there was a feature packed weekend of the Friday evening concourse d’élégance, the Saturday Rallye de Charente and a full day of racing on Sunday.

Renault Alpine 110 at Angoulême Circuit des Remparts 2021.
Alpines are always well represented – here a new one sits alongside the legendary 110
Unusual Jaguar E-Type in grey at Angoulême Circuit des Remparts 2021
A handsome Jaguar E-Type
Yamaha 350 motorcycle from 1970s at Circuit des Remparts 2021
Most of these 350cc 2-strokes are now no more – this is a fine example that’s still on the road

2021 was the first year that we didn’t have visitors or guests staying with us due to Covid and so with travel open again and the 2022 event planned as usual, if you haven’t been before then why not think about a weekend of historic racing here at Angoulême. Have a look at our availability calendars for the third weekend in September or drop us a line via our contact form.

Citroën Car Club SM to stay

We had the pleasure of hosting visitors from England who booked through the Citroën Car Club and arrived in a magnificent Citroên SM.

Front view of Citroën SM parked outside gîte on holiday at Gites in Charente

This car is the fuel injection variant, (EFI) which uses the same D-Jetronic Bosch system as the DS23ie, albeit with twice as many components to cater for the V6 engines fuel needs. Not for the faint hearted home mechanic!

Back view of Citroën SM parked outside gîte on holiday at Gites in Charente
The Citroên SM: awesome from any angle

I was delighted and most honoured to be given the chance to take the SM out for a short drive. Like the DS, a big car but with the added soundtrack of a Maserati V6 engine up front making progress up the road considerably more brisk than my DS23ie. You sit very low and comfortably, surrounded by period luxuries such as electronic window winding, and ride with the usual comfort delivered by the hydro-pneumatic suspension. The steering is a little odd at first – the DIRAVI (Direction à rappel asservi: power steering with power assisted return) – as it pulls back to centre with enthusiasm, but once mastered, gives excellent driver feedback and control.

Thinking about taking your Citroën SM on holiday? Why not join us and the other classic cars here? Send some details of your plans via our contact page.

Tour Auto Optic 2000 comes through Charroux

Classic car holiday in France

This annual historic race car rally came through the nearby town of Charroux on its way to the Circuit de Val de Vienne, as part of the course from Paris to Biarritz. These are proper race prepared cars taking part in an actual road race, although it’s hard to understand how this takes place on public roads!

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10% discount holidays for Citroen Car Club members

Encouraged by visits from other Citroen Car Club members in past summers we have decided to extend an offer to members.

The offer will not only apply to the holiday cottage rental but also to the cost of hire of our Citroen DS23ie.

So if you don’t wish to bring your own classic car, leave it at home, fly in and you’ll have a classic Citroen DS waiting for you here at Gites in Charente.

Contact us for more details and have your club membership number to hand.