Cycling Race Civray


The French are passionate about cycling and come out in force throughout the year, particularly in the summer. Road races are not an uncommon site, always well marshalled and often with a Gendarme escort to ensure traffic gives way to riders and nothing holds up the progress of the race. This passion for cycling is something that many English visitors and residents share, making this a popular activity in the region. And because it is a national activity of which the French are rightly very proud, cyclists are always treated with proper respect by other road users.

You don’t have to be a road race enthusiast to enjoy more leisurely cycling in the area. Being a farming area of large fields in an open, mildly undulating landscape, there are many chemins blancs, or white lanes, that are gravelled roadways normally used for farm access, walking and cycling that you can join almost right outside the front door. Here it is possible to cycle for many kilometres and between many locations without needing to tackle a road with a car on it.

Cycling Il de Re gite holidayThere are over 400km of cycleways around Poitiers and a little further afield there is the Marais Poitevin (Green Venice), where cycling is the way to get around other than in a boat on the water. It’s easy to hire a bike and explore La Rochelle, where there are about 180km of cycle routes in the city and around the surrounding area. Travelling over to the Îl de Ré and Îl d’Oléron you’ll soon notice that bikes are the best and most popular way of getting about.

Bike hire at La Ferme De L’Eglise

We have teamed up with a local English owned enterprise which delivers your bikes, safety equipment and other accessories to your door.  You can book direct on their website, specifying how long you want to hire the bikes for, and they deliver and collect.  They provide single bikes or tailored family packages depending on your requirements.  Please ask us for their details if you would like to book in advance, or we keep their leaflets in the gîtes if you would prefer to wait until arrival.

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