Clutch change on our Citroën DS23ie hire car

We do like our classic hire cars to be running perfectly for our guests. A programme of continuous maintenance is required but occasionally a larger job comes along!

On a recent drive we sensed that the clutch was slipping slightly on our semi-automatic Citroen DS23ie so we decided to explore further.

With the help of some mechanic friends the work involved removing much of the under-bonnet components to expose the gearbox and engine. With a lift and a jack we managed to position the engine to tilt and remove the gearbox safely.

Although the clutch was in surprisingly good condition the clutch release bearing wasn’t so this was replaced and all refitted. The fork spring was also replaced as the problem had been caused by a spring of the wrong tension.

DS23ie gearbox removal and clutch change

Here are a few pictures that show the various stages of the process for those of a more technical bent!

There’s definitely some satisfaction in a job well done and our guests can now enjoy the wonders of the fabulous semi-automatic, hydraulic gear change unique to the Citroen DS.

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