A walk at Verteuil Chateau, near Vanzay, France


Walking in Poitou-CharentesThere is a wealth of countryside, fields, woodlands to walk around the region.  Whether you set off from La Ferme de l’Église or drive out to a starting point, if you enjoy walking this is a great area to experience it. There are trails for all ages and levels of experience, through woods and open fields, and along the river paths, with plenty to see along the way. Look out for the local wildlife, from soaring birds of prey to the speeding hare dashing across an open field and with the occasional sighting of a group of timid deer.

Vanzay Commune Walks

Vanzay Commune Walks

The towns and communes have created and marked out walks of varying lengths and levels. The commune of Vanzay has five such walks, all beginning and ending right outside the gates of La Ferme de l’Eglise. Adjoining communes Rom, St Soline and Messé have their own balades through the local countryside, one of which is a 40km hike. Off the walking track, there are a myriad of gravelled roadways called Chemins Blancs,  thoroughfares linking villages and farms that often are the remains of ancient Roman roads that are now only used for walking, cycling and farm access for the occasional tractor. We have details of all of these walks in each of our gîtes.

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