What is a Café Gourmand?

We recently took some friends to Le Melkinn’s Brasserie in Couhé and had a long lunch under the arches of the old marketplace. Being somewhat replete after the first two courses there was the inevitable discussion about which of the delicious desserts we’d have (it being a shame not to at least try them!), whether we’d be sharing desserts or just having a coffee. It’s at just such a time that the Café Gourmand comes into its own.

So what exactly is a Café Gourmand? It’s a relatively ‘new’ phenomenon (since 1985 apparently) where you’re served an expresso along with a number of small ‘surprise’ desserts of different textures and flavours to have with your coffee.

Our friends chose to order a Café Gourmand between them. One had the coffee and they shared the ‘surprise’ mini-desserts. In this case it was a fresh raspberry sorbet, a slice of lemon cake, a crème brûlée and a small ice cream. Perfect.

So next time you’re having lunch in France why not try a Café Gourmand. And if you’re staying with us in Vanzay then we’d also recommend lunch or dinner at Le Melkinn’s Brasserie in Couhé, which is less than 15 minutes drive.

Le Melkinn's Brasserie in Couhé
Le Melkinn’s Brasserie in Couhé

If you do visit La Melkinn’s for lunch we’d also recommend the ‘Circuit de La Dive’, a lovely woodland walk by the river which is just a few minutes walk from the restaurant.

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