Two Generations of Citroën DS Fans

Mum, dad, son and daughter-in-law hire the DS23ie

My Black Citroen DS23 with BRG Jaguar MK2 on hire
Two of the finest cars of the period

Rich and his wife had booked to stay over the Circuit des Remparts weekend along with his parents. All of them are classic car and bike enthusiasts and so we spent a most enjoyable day driving around the Charente countryside, swapping passengers so everybody had a ride in each car.

Jaguar MK2 leading Citroën DS23ie on hire in Poitou-Charentes
Stopped to take the air and chat about the drive

We were so pleased to receive an email from Rich after getting back to England saying how much his dad had enjoyed the drive out and what a memorable stay they had. Very charming and well appreciated – thanks!

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