The Brocante Season

For anybody that watched and enjoyed Richard E. Grant’s Dirty Weekenders in France recently, here’s some great news: the brocante season is underway here in rural France with the opportunity to buy all sorts of stuff for not very much money.

What was clear from Richard E. Grant’s programme is that it’s useful to know in advance what’s on and where. Friends here who either share Richard E. Grant’s passion for brocantes, or who are in the business themselves, have a diary of events, a special book that means they’re normally at the right place at the right time – first thing in the morning – to gain an advantage! I asked a professional broconteur friend about this book and he said “It’s a little orange book you can get it from the sports bar/cafe in Chaunay,  just ask the bloke he will know what you mean.”

So, to help those wanting to spend a few days here with us at La Ferme de l’Eglise scouring for antiques and French bric-a-brac who don’t have this little orange book, here’s a schedule of just a few of the brocantes going on in the region in June.


Brocanteurs market. 
Every Sun 
and every third Saturday. Marché des Brocanteurs at the Place Mulac, on the Rue de Saintes, from 08:00 to 18:00. Free entry.


 in place de l’Hôtel de Ville on the 1st of the month from 06:00-13:00.


Flea Market
. On the first Sunday of every month from 07:00-18:00 in the Zone Industrielle, ‘Les Grands Champs, Camp Americain’


Vide Grenier
. Every 2nd Sunday of the month.

La Rochelle

. Brocante held every second Sunday of the month.

Le Château d’Oléron

Marché Professionnel de la Brocante. 
Professional brocante in place du Port on the first Sunday of the month from 09:00-18:00.


Brocante-Vide Grenier. Held on the last Sunday of the month.


Flea Market, Brocante and Collectors Fair
. At the Cours Roy Bry behind the post office from 07:00 to 18:00 on the 1st Sunday of the month.


Brocante Professionnelle
. Professional brocante at the Parking, Carrefour supermarket, every second Sunday of the month from 07:00-18:00.


Flea Market
. Every second Sunday of the month from 07:00-18:00.


Flea Market
. The flea market is held every fourth Sunday of the month at the Intermarché Niort-Aiffres parking from 07:00-18:00.
Marché des Echanges. 
Every Sun 
A “new look” vide grenier where you can buy goods in the normal way, or they can be paid for by exchanging goods or services to an equal value.


. Held on the last Sunday of the month.


Antiques and bric-a-brac market on the first Sunday of every month at Boulevard Blossac in Chatellerault. 07:00-20:00.


Small brocante held every 2nd Sunday of the month.


Brocante Market. 
Every Sunday 
antiques and bric-a-brac market at Place Coimbra, Poitiers. Open 07:00-13:00.


If you’re planning a week of brocante and vide grenier outings in our region then we can provide you with very comfortable accommodation in our gîtes and all of the information that you need to bag the best bargains this summer.



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