Great guest comments

When we bought this place, we wanted something with a couple of gîtes, for two reasons really.  We both have large families and it’s ideal for putting them up, along with friends.  And also to see if we could attract some rental business.  There is always a sense of anxiety when you have total strangers booked in for a holiday, not because they might turn out to be nutcases, but I am very conscious that this is their holiday, and I want everything to be perfect for them, including the weather!

We have been very lucky over the last two and a half years to have met many, really nice people, and both John and I always look forward to seeing if something’s been left in our visitors book, and on the whole everyone who has stayed here has left a comment.

This morning John had an email from Juan, who stayed here with Connie and their son, Tomas, at the beginning of April, which was lovely of him to take the trouble to do that, and then I found he’d taken the time to post a comment on our Facebook page.

So, thank you again Juan, Connie and Tomas – we also enjoyed meeting you very much!

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