Tour Auto Optic 2000 comes through Charroux

Classic car holiday in France

This annual historic race car rally came through the nearby town of Charroux on its way to the Circuit de Val de Vienne, as part of the course from Paris to Biarritz. These are proper race prepared cars taking part in an actual road race, although it’s hard to understand how this takes place on public roads!

It’s lunchtime on a hot sunny day at the end of April, sitting at a table at The Green Man bar in Charroux enjoying a beer and waiting for the cars to come through. The entry list showed 298 entries of exotic rally and race classics and here are some photos of just a handful of the field. A great opportunity for our guests to tag along behind and feel part of this amazing rally, even if it’s just for a few kilometres through our region. And of course, we have our classic cars here to hire to add to the special occasion. Just get in touch to make your plans.

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