Fruit and vegetables from Lezay market

Having bought some fresh fish at Lezay market for a BBQ with some visiting friends we needed some fruit and veg. For our friends it made a pleasant change from their usual supermarket experience back in England.

The main difference is that the French Market offers seasonal local and regional produce. Although there may not be as many different types of fruit or veg there are more varieties of each and always something new to try. The charentais melon caught our eye and would go well with some Bayonne ham.

Fruit is sold ready to eat so you buy enough to have immediately knowing there’s a market every day in the area. The wooden boxes reinforce that fact that you’re going to be enjoying recently harvested fresh produce direct from the grower with the promise of more flavour.

Our guests holidaying here from Canada chose some of the many varieties of apple and created a delicious aperitif nibble of sliced apple with a slice of foie gras and topped off with a sweet citrus compote – wow, what a delightful taste combination!


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