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Long before we first arrived here it was clear to me that France is a wonderful country in which to take classic car tours. With the many miles (or I should say kilometres) of roads and thousands of places to see, France is a natural, easy choice for classic touring. What’s more, the absence of many other road users means the absence of traffic jams, the bane of most classic or historic cars.

When we left England I promised the Jaguar (which I was driving) that I would never again expect it to stand in a queue for the Dartford crossing for hours at a time and the Jag and me have been treated ever since to clear, (mainly) well surfaced roads that stretch off to all points of the compass – north to the Loire, south to Dordogne and the Riviera beyond or for the really adventurous, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.

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France – what a big place! We’re between Poitiers and Angoulême

It also occurred to me that here at La Ferme de L’Eglise we are well served with barns, four in fact, where classic cars can be safely stored and worked on under cover. So I got underway with plans to create a small collection of classic cars for hire, as this seemed like a sensible way of indulging my interest, sharing it with other like minded folk and perhaps most importantly, making the cars pay their way. The house and gîtes look out onto a large, secure courtyard that can accommodate several cars, so that owners never need to be far from their cherished chariot!

So, how does it work? Are we a classic car rental company? Not quite, since you need to come to stay in one of our gîtes to get the use of one of our classic cars. And, what cars do we have?

We have a Citroën DS: Citroën DS23 ie.

Classic Car Holiday, France

The courtyard with La Petite Maison to the right and a BMW M3 visiting from Switzerland

Citroen DS hire, Citroen DS rental, unusual car

The black Citroen DS23ie and a blue Citroen DSuper 5

Even though these cars are now 40 years old they still drive like a modern car – a testament to just how advanced a car launched in 1955 was and still is.

I also have my Jaguar MK2:

Jaguar MK2 classic car holiday

The MK2 Jag on her original English plates

The Jag is really a much more “vintage” drive than the DS: no power steering;  a Moss gearbox that was first used in cars before 1938 and with no synchromesh on 1st gear; rear wheel drive with enough grunt to land the unwary in trouble, especially in the wet and suspension that does not forgive reckless drivers who are used to the sure footedness of a modern sports car. First registered in September 1961 she is older and better looking than me and has outlived the Berlin Wall, which went up in the same year. With all this said and done, she is a fine classic tourer, happy in overdrive in top gear cruising the French Route Nationales – Grand Touring at its best!

If you’d like to find out more about click here or send the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

What other classic car experiences do we offer?

Self-Drive Classic Car Holidays

Come and stay in our gîtes and make use of one of our cars for all or part of your stay. For more information about these holidays click here.

Classic Car Tours

For parties of classic car visitors we have a selection of tours of half and full day duration, always with an excellent lunch stop. For those parties where a passenger wants to spend the day as a driver, why not join your friends in one of our classics? Or even have John drive you ……. just let us know how you’d like it to be, by making an enquiry via the enquiry form below.

Classic car holidays enquiry form

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  1. Hi i’m getting married in May in niort. How far away are you from there and what is the cost of hiring your cars?

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