Bressuire Grand Prix and Circuit des Remparts, Angoulême

These two events in the region’s classic racing diary, the last weekend of June for the Bressuire GP and the third weekend of September for the Circuit des Remparts, are not to be missed occasions that each has its own character. Here we report on these events in 2014.

You might have read about both the Bressuire GP and Circuit des Remparts race weekends elsewhere on this blog and so here’s just a short video and a few photos by way of an update and to remind all who are interested in classic cars that you should be at these events next year!

Bressuire GP

Small, informal and completely free to see, the circuit is a short run around the main town square and presents some exciting and challenging corners for the drivers to negotiate in their historic cars. A real mix of vehicles, from Citroën Tractions, to an early Bugatti GP car, taking in a mix of French and English cars and drivers. A wonderfully informal atmosphere, with easy access to all areas of the paddock and all viewing areas. Very much less crowded than any racing event that I’ve visited.

Here’s a short video from the weekend that will give a good idea of the number and variety of different cars on track as well as convey the fun of the event.


Circuit des Remparts, Angoulême

Always on the third weekend of September, the 2014 race weekend was as popular and well attended as any that I’ve been to, perhaps because, for a change, it didn’t clash with the Goodwood Revival meeting. In contrast to the Bressuire Grand Prix, access to the paddock and circuit viewing areas cost €28. Because of the popularity of the event, access to the seating areas is reserved for those who have pre-booked – and presumably paid extra – or for guests of sponsors. The atmosphere in Angoulême on race weekend is magical and just spending time watching the cars come in from the Rallye de Charente on Saturday is time well spent. The huge turnout of car clubs with their displays meant that they were parked everywhere from Le Champ de Mars right up to the town hall.

Here are just a few photos from the weekend:

If you’re thinking about your plans for June and September and want to be part of these great events then make your base La Ferme de l’Eglise and stay in our gîtes. Maybe rent one of our classic cars to drive to the event and around the area. Get in touch to let us know of your plans!

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