Citroën DS for Sale: Try Before You Buy

Anyone who has researched the Citroën DS will know that there were many variants over the 20 year production period. This means that there are many models of the range to choose from when it comes to buying. Of course, you have a choice of transmission systems too: 4 or 5-speed manual, semi-automatic hydraulically operated or fully automatic – although these are sufficiently rare so as to be unlikely to constitute a choice.

With what we know here about the Citroën DS and with the two that we have, we believe that we can offer a unique solution to these selection conundrums.

We don’t have any Citroën DS for sale, but we have these classic cars for rental, some knowledge and experience of living with them and what makes a good one and what makes a bad one. There is always time to give advice if we’re asked – we may even be able to help you find and buy a Citroën DS here in France!

The Citroën DS and ID … some background

Hire a Citroën DS, classic car holiday Poitou Charentes France

A Citroën DS and a Citroën ID … can you tell the difference?

Soon after the 1955 launch of the DS, Citroën introduced the ID in response to some concerns amongst French car buyers that the new technology in the DS was unproven and therefore could not be trusted, and the high specification of the DS was unaffordable. Initially, the Citroën ID had a four speed manual gearbox, a normal clutch pedal, manual rack and pinion steering and an orthodox braking system operated by a “pendulum” brake pedal and master cylinder. The Citroën ID was also less elaborately trimmed and equipped. Over the years of production and development of the Citroën DS the IDs increased in specification, bringing together the distinct DS and ID elements of the Citroën DS range. So much so that the ID name was formerly dropped towards the end of production. The ratio of ID to DS production was about 60/40 in favour of the cheaper Citroën ID, so there’s a good chance that anyone looking through the classifieds for a Citroën DS for sale will be faced with the choice of one or the other.

So why not try both before you buy?

We have a Citroën DS23ie and a Citroën DSuper 5 – the last iteration of the ID range – for hire here at La Ferme de L’église in south west France. You can spend a week staying in one of our gîtes to really get to know each of these cars, what it’s like to drive each one back to back and whether you are equally comfortable with the different controls of the DS23.

The hydraulically operated semi-automatic transmission of the Citroën DS23 means that you can also compare this transmission to the 5-speed manual transmission of the Citroën DSuper 5. Compare the leather trim of the Citroën DS23 to the velour of the DSuper 5.

We also offer weekend breaks and holiday packages here in south west France that can include the hire of these Citroën DS classic cars for you to compare. You can find out more by completing and sending there form below or by sending an email to

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